catrez(1)                  Commands and Applications                 catrez(1)


       catrez - concatenate resource forks from files


       catrez [-av] -d dest_file file1 [ file2...  ]


       catrez  concatenates  resources  from  multiple files into the resource
       fork of a single file. (The data fork of the destination  file  is  not
       modified.)   This  is  useful to programmers who create resources for a
       program in several different files and need to combine  them  into  the
       resource fork of the final executable file.


       -v     Produce verbose output, including: the program version, the name
              of each source file, the type & ID of each copied resource,  and
              whether a resource converter is required.

       -a     Append resources to the destination file rather than overwriting
              the resource fork.

       -d destfile
              Existing destination file name [required parameter].


       catrez will shut itself down if it receives any of the  following  sig-

              SIGHUP  (hang-up),
              SIGINT  (user keyboard interrupt),
              SIGPIPE (writing to a pipe with no reader),
              SIGALRM (alarm timer expiration), or
              SIGTERM (kill).

       User signals (SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2) are ignored.


       Append the resources from menu.r to the resource fork of progfile:
              catrez -a -d progfile menu.r

       Combine several resource files and add to progfile
              catrez -d progfile version.r menu.r window.r startup.r


       This manual page documents catrez version 1.0.2.


       catrez returns zero on success, non-zero otherwise.


       Dave Tribby <>


       Version  1.0 was released as an independent utility compatible with GNO
       in July 1996. Version 1.0.1, released in November 1996, fixed a problem
       with  "protected"  attributes.  Version  1.0.2 was updated in September
       1997 to use GNO 2.0.6 headers, libraries, and coding  conventions,  and
       released as part of GNO 2.0.6.

GNO                             September 1997                       catrez(1)

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