COMPILE(1)                 Commands and Applications                COMPILE(1)


       asml, assemble, cmpl, compile - compile or assemble a source file


       asml [options] sourcefile [qualifiers]
       assemble [options] sourcefile [qualifiers]
       cmpl [options] sourcefile [qualifiers]
       compile [options] sourcefile [qualifiers]


       These  programs  are the secondary front ends to the ORCA language com-
       pilers and assemblers. (The primary front end is occ(1)).

       For a complete explanation of these commands including a description of
       options and qualifiers, see the chapter The Command Processor in any of
       the ORCA/C, ORCA/M, or ORCA/Pascal Reference Manuals.

       The asml, assemble, cmpl, and compile commands are  in  fact  the  same
       program.   As  of this writing, they are installed on the target system
       by copying the binary.  When symlinks become available in the GNO  ker-
       nel, they will be used instead.


       dmake(1), link(1), occ(1).
       ORCA/C Reference Manual.

GNO                            13 February 1998                     COMPILE(1)

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