GETVERS(1)                 Commands and Applications                GETVERS(1)


       getvers - list information stored in rVersion and rComment resources


       getvers [-b] [-c] [-f] [-q] file ...


       getvers  print the version information (product name, version, descrip-
       tion, country) stored in the rVersion resource of the  specified  files
       and optionally print the contents of the rComment resource. If there is
       no version information, or if there is an  error  accessing  the  file,
       getvers  prints a message and continues processing any remaining files.

       To add rVersion resource information to a file, you can use the compan-
       ion shell utility setvers(1), or use the rez resource compiler.

       getvers returns 1 to its parent program if an error is encountered pro-
       cessing any of the files. Otherwise it returns 0.

       getvers recognizes these options:

       -b     print a brief one-line listing for each file, showing  only  the
              product name and version.

       -c     print rComment resource number 1 (the one displayed by Finder in
              file information windows).

       -f     print the name of a file before printing its information.

       -q     do not print error or warning information.




       This manual page documents getvers version 2.0.


       Originally written by Ian Schmidt, Two Meg Software.  Updated  by  Dave
       Tribby for  GNO/ME 2.0.6.


       The  previous  version (1.20) of getvers was released by Ian Schmidt in
       May 1993 as an independent archive compatible with GNO and ORCA.

GNO                               April 1998                        GETVERS(1)

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