HELP(1)                    Commands and Applications                   HELP(1)


       help - print ORCA help file


       help program_name


       The  ORCA/Shell  expects  all  of  its utilities to be in the directory
       specified by GS/OS prefix 17.  The brief descriptions for these  utili-
       ties (and for built-in commands) are kept in the directory 17/help, and
       are printed, under the ORCA/Shell, by the built-in command help.

       Because this shell built-in is not available under GNO, the  help  pro-
       gram  is  used to access these description files.  It is invoked in the
       same manner as under ORCA/Shell, but also provides pagination.


       The GNO implementation of help will only accept one program_name.

       help is currently implemented as a very dumb gsh(1) script.  When sh(1)
       becomes  available,  help  should  be  updated  to accept multiple file
       names, recognise the PAGER environment variable, and give cleaner diag-
       nostics  when program_name does not have a description file in 17/help.


       The help program appeared in GNO v1.0 as an emulation of the ORCA/Shell
       built-in command.

GNO                             19 October 1997                        HELP(1)

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