LAUNCH(1)                  Commands and Applications                 LAUNCH(1)


       launch - adds application to the GS/OS quit stack


       launch  programs  that are not fully compatible wth GNO, such as ProSEL
       16 and ProDOS 8 applications.

       Once it's added to the quit stack, you can execute the program by  exit
       if  you ran gsh straight from initrc.  If you are using init, type init
       5.  You will probably want to make aliases for them in gshrc for conve-


       launch [-n] <filename>

       filename is the full path name of program -- no namespace.

       -n do not add GNO to the quit stack; upon exiting the launched applica-
       tion, you will return to the application that launched GNO.


       alias pt 'launch /diskname/proterm/pt3.system;exit'
       alias pt 'launch /diskname/proterm/pt3.system;init 5'


       Jawaid Bazyar (

GNO                            22 December 1997                      LAUNCH(1)

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