MORE(1)                    Commands and Applications                   MORE(1)


       more - text pager


       more [ file ...  ]


       more  allows the user to view the specified file(s) screen by screen or
       line by line.  If no files are specified, standard input is used.

       Every time more has displayed a screen of text, it displays a prompt:
            - file (xx%) -
       indicating the name and percentage of the file that  has  been  viewed.
       If standard input is used, the prompt
            - more -
       is used instead.

       A number of key commands are available at the prompt:

              q      Quit  viewing the current file, and move to the next file
                     (if any).

                     Display the next line of the file.

              [ESC]  Abort more, including any more files that may  have  been

                     Display the next page of the file.


       This  version  of  more was written by Jawaid Bazyar and Derek Taubert,
       then updated by Mike Horwath.

GNO                             16 October 1993                        MORE(1)

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