TEE(1)                     Commands and Applications                    TEE(1)


       tee - Pipe fitting.


       tee [ -aviV ] file1 [ file2...  ]


       The tee utility copies standard input to standard output, making a copy
       in file1, file2, etc.  The standard output is  by  default  unbuffered,
       while output to the files is fully buffered

       The following options are available:

              -a     Append  the  output  to the files rather than overwriting

              -b     Use line buffering on  stdin  and  stdout.   By  default,
                     there is no buffering on these two streams.

              -i     Ignore the SIGINT signal.

              -V     Show version and usage information, then exit.

       The tee utility takes the default action for all signals, except in the
       event of the -i option.

       If an error occurs while reading stdin, only the first  specified  file
       will contain the output up to that point.

       The return value is 0 on success, and 1 if an error occurs.


       This manual page documents tee version 1.3.


       Tee is POSIX p1003.2 compatible.


       Tee  first appeared in GNO v1.x.  Version 1.1 and later were written by
       Devin Reade.

GNO                             5 October 1997                          TEE(1)

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