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       who - display who is logged in


       who [am I] [file]


       The utility who displays a list of all users currently logged on, show-
       ing for each user the login name, tty name, the date and time of login,
       and hostname if not local.

       Available options:

              am I   Returns the invoker's real user name.

              file   By   default,  who  gathers  information  from  the  file
                     /var/run/utmp.  An alternate file may be specified  which
                     is  usually /var/run/wtmp (or /var/run/wtmp.[0-6] depend-
                     ing on site policy as wtmp can grow quite large and daily
                     versions  may or may not be kept around after compression
                     by ac(8)).  The wtmp file  contains  a  record  of  every
                     login, logout, crash, shutdown and date change since wtmp
                     was last truncated or created.

       If /var/log/wtmp is being used as the file, the user name may be  empty
       or  one of the special characters '|', '}' and '~'.  Logouts produce an
       output line without any user name.  For more information on the special
       characters, see utmp(5).




       last(1), users(1), getuid(2), utmp(5)


       A who command appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX.

GNO                             26 October 1997                         WHO(1)

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