WRITE(1)                   Commands and Applications                  WRITE(1)


       write - write messages to a user's terminal


       write username [message]


       write  writes  messages  to all terminals belonging to username.  If an
       optional message is included on the command line, then that message  is
       the  one  sent  to  the user.  If no message is included on the command
       line, write takes input from standard  input  until  a  blank  line  is
       encountered.  It sends each line of input as it is received.


       write returns in error if the user does not exist or if the user is not
       currently signed on.  Executing write with  no  arguments  or  with  an
       option argument returns a usage message.


       Old  versions  of  the GNO multiuser package are incompatible with this
       version of write; use write version 1.0 if you  have  not  updated  the
       multiuser package.


       This  program is Copyright 1993, 1994 by Leslie M. Barstow III.  It may
       be distributed freely provided  it  is  accompanied  by  this  manpage.
       write  uses  routines  from the ORCA Libraries, Copyright by ByteWorks,


       Leslie Barstow, <phoenix@faerealm.faerealm.com>.



GNO                              8 March 1994                         WRITE(1)

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