KERNSTATUS(2)                    System Calls                    KERNSTATUS(2)


       kernStatus, kernVersion - detect presence and version of GNO kernel


       #include <gno/gno.h>

       int kernStatus (void);
       int kernVersion (void);


       kernStatus  can  be  used to determine whether or not the GNO kernel is
       active.  You may use this function to abort programs that use  GNO-spe-
       cific features, or to allow them to enable non-GNO environment-specific

       If the GNO kernel is not active, the global variable _toolErr  will  be
       non-zero  on  return  from  kernStatus.   This value is also accessible
       through the function toolerror(3).  C programmers  may  prefer  to  use
       needsgno(3) for brevity.

       kernVersion returns the kernel version in the same fashion as the stan-
       dard IIgs ToolBox calls.  For example, a return value of  0x0201  indi-
       cates a version of 2.1.

       Note  that  both  of  these functions are inline system calls; you must
       include the <gno/gno.h> header or they will wind up as being unresolved
       symbols when your program is linked.


       needsgno(2), toolerror(3), the GNO Kernel Reference Manual.

GNO                             29 January 1997                  KERNSTATUS(2)

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