BASENAME(3)                    Library Routines                    BASENAME(3)


       basename, dirname - get components of a pathname


       #include <unistd.h>

       char *basename (const char *path);
       char *dirname (const char *path);


       basename returns a pointer to the file component of path.  If path ends
       with a directory separator, then basename returns an empty string.

       dirname returns a pointer to an internal buffer containing  the  direc-
       tory  component  of  path,  without a trailing directory separator.  If
       path ends with a directory separator, then that character is  the  only
       part of path not included in the resultant string.  If path contains no
       directory separator, then the string "." is returned.  If path is NULL,
       an empty string is returned.

       Unlike ExpandPathGS(2), dirname does not expand any GS/OS prefixes that
       may be present in path.

       Under GS/OS, permissable directory separators are :  and  /,  with  the
       former taking precedence.


       basename is thread-safe; dirname is not.


       If  path is longer than PATH_MAX characters, dirname will only consider
       the first PATH_MAX-1 characters.


       Devin Reade <>

GNO                              29 March 1998                     BASENAME(3)

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