EXIT(3)                        Library Routines                        EXIT(3)


       exit, _exit, rexit - perform normal program termination


       #include <stdlib.h>

       void exit (int status);
       void rexit (int status);

       #include <unistd.h>

       void _exit (int status);


       exit terminates a process.

       Before  termination  exit performs the following functions in the order

              Call the functions registered with the  atexit(3)  function,  in
              the reverse order of their registration.

              Flush all open output streams.

              Close all open streams.

              Unlink all files created with the tmpfile(3) function.

       rexit  is  identical  to  exit,  except  that the process image will be
       flagged to GS/OS as restartable.

       _exit is similar to exit, except that no clean up is  done  except  for
       the  flushing  and  closing  of  any open streams.  _exit is the proper
       function to call when a child process exits while  still  executing  in
       the  address  space  of  its  parent  process,  such  as after a failed
       execve(2) call.

       Passing arbitrary values back to the environment as status  is  consid-
       ered bad style.  Instead, use the values as described in sysexits(3).


       The exit function never returns.


       atexit(3), intro(3), tmpfile(3), sysexits(3)


       The exit function conforms to ANSI/C.  The _exit function is defined by
       POSIX 1003.1-88.

GNO                             22 January 1997                        EXIT(3)

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