FSETTEXT(3)                    Library Routines                    FSETTEXT(3)


       fsettext,  fsetbinary  -  set  the newline translation mode for a stdio


       #include <stdio.h>

       void fsettext (FILE *fp);
       void fsetbinary (FILE *fp);


       The FILE struct for  each  stdio  stream  contains  information  as  to
       whether  or  not  newline  translation  (carrige return to linefeed and
       back) will occur for that stream.  This translation mode  is  set  when
       the  stream is opened by passing (or not passing) the "b" flag modifier
       to fopen(3), fdopen(3), or freopen(3).

       The stdio streams that are already open upon entry into the  main  rou-
       tine  (stdin,  stdout,  and stderr) by default do newline translations.
       The fsetbinary macro allows these translations  to  be  disabled.   The
       fsettext macro allows these translations to be reenabled.  These macros
       are not necessary and should not be used for any other stream pointers,
       other than as described in the funopen(3) manual page.

       These macros must be used before any I/O is performed on the associated
       stream.  If I/O has already been performed, the results are  undefined.


       fsetbinary  and  fsettext  are non-standard routines, and should not be
       used for programs intended to be ported to other platforms.


       fflush(3), fopen(3), stdio(3)

GNO                              28 April 1998                     FSETTEXT(3)

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