INTRO(3)                       Library Routines                       INTRO(3)


       intro - introduction to library routines


       This chapter provides information on various library routines.

       The  SYNOPSIS  section of each manual page details the prototype of the
       routine and any required header files.  The  DESCRIPTION  explains  the
       semantics of the routine.

       Reference  may be made to symbolic links or other features or functions
       that are either unimplemented or otherwise unavailable under GNO.  This
       information has often been obtained from the original BSD manual pages.
       In most cases such information has been  retained  in  the  GNO  manual
       pages  either  because  such  functionality  is  planned or because the
       information is relevent to code intended to run on other BSD  operating


       In this chapter, return types and values are specific to the particular
       routine.  The appropriate manual page should be consulted.

       Note that unlike the Chapter 2 calls, routines in this  chapter  cannot
       be  relied  upon to set errno(2) in any predictable way unless doing so
       is specifically described in the manual page for that routine.


       intro(2), GNO Kernel Reference Manual.

GNO                             2 February 1997                       INTRO(3)

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