MAPPATH(3)                     Library Routines                     MAPPATH(3)


       _mapPath,  _mapPathGS,  _setPathMapping - (mapPath) convert GS/OS paths
       to Unix-style paths.


       #include <gno/gno.h>

       void _setPathMapping (int toggle);
       char *_mapPath (char *pathname);
       GSStringPtr _mapPathGS (GSStringPtr pathname);


       These routines are intended for use by application programmers who  are
       porting programs from Unix systems.

       The  POSIX  1003.1 standard indicates that the pathname separator (that
       character which is used to delimit the components of a  pathname)  must
       be the slash ('/') character.  However, GS/OS internally uses the colon
       (':') character.  This can  cause  problems  with  programs  that  make
       assumptions about the pathname separator.

       The  routines _mapPath and _mapPathGS, if active, map all occurances of
       the ':' character in pathname to the '/' character.  These routines are
       intended  to be used whenever a pathname is returned from a GS/OS call.
       No assumption is made as to the existance of the file nor the  validity
       of the filename for any given file system.

       On  success,  these routines return their original arguments.  The only
       time _mapPath or _mapPathGS can fail is if mapping is active and  path-
       name  contains  both  the  ':' and '/' characters.  In such a case, the
       routine will return NULL and pathname will be unchanged.

       For compatibility with native IIgs programs,  _mapPath  and  _mapPathGS
       are  by  default null operations -- pathname is not modified.  In order
       to activate mapping, the function _setPathMapping must be called with a
       non-zero  toggle.   Although the choice of whether or not to do mapping
       is usually only made once in a program, mapping can be turned off again
       by calling _setPathMapping with a zero toggle.

       These functions are used in various parts of libc.  Those routines mak-
       ing use of this mapping list the fact in their respective man pages.


       In cases where it is desirable to avoid  the  overhead  of  a  function
       call, the value of the global integer __force_slash may be checked.  If
       it is non-zero, the mapping function should be called:

           if (__force_slash) {


       Devin Reade <>


       GS/OS Reference Manual.

GNO                            11 December 1996                     MAPPATH(3)

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