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       findfpcp,  s_num2dec,  s_dec2num, s_str2dec, s_dec2str, s_fabs, s_fneg,
       s_sqrt, s_rint, s_scalb, s_logb, s_copysign, s_nextfloat, s_nextdouble,
       s_nextextended,  s_log2, s_log, s_log1, s_exp2, s_exp, s_exp1, s_power,
       s_ipower, s_compound, s_annuity, s_tan, s_sin,  s_cos,  s_atan,  s_ran-
       domx,   s_classfloat,   s_classdouble,   s_classcomp,  s_classextended,
       s_signnum,  s_setexception,  s_testexception,  s_sethalt,   s_testhalt,
       s_setround,  s_getround,  s_setprecision, s_getprecision, s_setenviron-
       ment,  s_getenvironment,  s_procentry,   s_procexit,   s_gethaltvector,
       s_sethaltvector,  s_relation,  s_nan, s_inf, s_pi - ORCA/C interface to
       SANE (the Standard Apple Numerics Environment)


       #include <sane.h>

       int findfpcp(void);
       void s_num2dec(DecForm *f, extended x, Decimal *d);
       extended s_dec2num(Decimal *d);
       void s_str2dec(char *s, short *ix, Decimal *d, short *vp);
       void s_dec2str(DecForm *f, Decimal *d, char *s);
       extended s_fabs(extended x);
       extended s_fneg(extended x);
       extended s_remainder(extended x, extended y, short *quo);
       extended s_sqrt(extended x);
       extended s_rint(extended x);
       extended s_scalb(short n, extended x);
       extended s_logb(extended x);
       extended s_copysign(extended x, extended y);
       extended s_nextfloat(extended x, extended y);
       extended s_nextdouble(extended x, extended y);
       extended s_nextextended(extended x, extended y);
       extended s_log2(extended x);
       extended s_log(extended x);
       extended s_log1(extended x);
       extended s_exp2(extended x);
       extended s_exp(extended x);
       extended s_exp1(extended x);
       extended s_power(extended x, extended y);
       extended s_ipower(extended x, short i);
       extended s_compound(extended r, extended n);
       extended s_annuity(extended r, extended n);
       extended s_tan(extended x);
       extended s_sin(extended x);
       extended s_cos(extended x);
       extended s_atan(extended x);
       extended s_randomx(extended *x);
       numclass s_classfloat(extended x);
       numclass s_classdouble(extended x);
       numclass s_classcomp(extended x);
       numclass s_classextended(extended x);
       int s_signnum(extended x);
       void s_setexception(exception e, long b);
       long s_testexception(exception e);
       void s_sethalt(exception e, long b);
       long s_testhalt(exception e);
       void s_setround(rounddir r);
       rounddir s_getround(void);
       void s_setprecision(roundpre p);
       roundpre s_getprecision(void);
       void s_setenvironment(environment e);
       void s_getenvironment(environment *e);
       void s_procentry(environment *e);
       void s_procexit(environment e);
       haltvector s_gethaltvector(void);
       void s_sethaltvector(haltvector v);
       relop s_relation(extended x, extended y);
       extended s_nan(unsigned char c);
       extended s_inf(void);
       extended s_pi(void);


       The lsaneglue library contains code to  let  you  call  SANE  functions
       directly  from  ORCA/C.  To avoid namespace conflicts with <math.h>, it
       was necessary to change <sane.h>.  Thus, all  SANE  functions  are  now
       prefixed  with  s_.   (For  example,  annuity became s_annuity, and sin
       became s_sin.)  This lets you choose easily between the SANE and  ISO/C
       implementations of the same function.

       Below is a brief overview of the functions in lsaneglue.  This overview
       does not replace, however, proper documentation.  To  fully  understand
       SANE, you will need the Apple Numerics Manual.  SANE is also introduced
       in the Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference, Volume 2", Chapter 18.

       It is important that the file <sane.h> is used  as  the  reference  for
       constants  used  for  rounding  direction,  rounding  precision, number
       classes, ordering relations, formatting styles, NaN codes, and for set-
       tine and testing exceptions,

       In the following list, page numbers refer to the Apple Numerics Manual.

              This function is specific to the lsaneglue library;  it  is  not
              part of SANE proper and is not documented elsewhere.

              findfpcp  will  find  an FPE (Innovative Systems' Floating Point
              Engine) or NC (Number Cruncher) card and return the slot  number
              in which it resides.  If a card is not found, it will return -1.

              You can use the output of this function as the argument for  the
              ORCA/C  setfpeslot(3)  routine, which is used when having ORCA/C
              create code for  the  FPE/NC  directly  (through  the  directive
              #pragma float 1 1).

              Converts extended number x to a SANE decimal record, I.  (pp 28)

              Converts SANE decimal record f to an extended number. (pp 28f)

              Converts string s to a SANE decimal record, d.  (pp 30f)

              Convert a SANE decimal record d to a string.  (pp 31ff)

       s_fabs Returns the absolute value of x.  (pp 49)

       s_fneg Reverses the sign of x.  (pp 49)

              Returns the remainder x / y.  (pp 46f)

       s_sqrt Returns the square root of x.  (pp 46)

       s_rint Round x to integer in current rounding direction. (pp 47)

              Returns (x times 2^n). (pp 50)

       s_logb Computes binary exponent of normalized x.  (pp 50)

              Returns y with sign of x.  (pp 49)

              Returns next float number after x in direction of y.  (pp 50)

              Returns next double number after x in direction of y.  (pp 50)

              Returns next extended number after x in direction of y.  (pp 50)

       s_log2 Returns the base-2 logarithm of x.  (pp 62)

       s_log  Returns base-e (natural) logarithm of x.  (pp 62)

       s_log1 Returns base-e (natural) logarithm of (x+1). (pp 62)

       s_exp2 Returns base-2 exponantial of x (2^x). (pp 63f)

       s_exp  Returns base-e (natural) exponantial of x (x^e). (pp 63f)

       s_exp1 Returns  base-e  (natural)  exponantial  of x minus 1 (x^e - 1).
              (pp 63f)

              Returns x^y.  (pp 63f)

              Returns x^i.  (pp 63f)

              Compute compound (1+r)^n. (pp 64f)

              Compute annuity (1-(1+r)^n)/r. (pp 65)

       s_tan  Returns tangent of x.  (pp 67f)

       s_sin  Returns sine of x.  (pp 67)

       s_cos  Returns cosine of x.  (pp 67)

       s_atan Returns arctangent of x.  (pp 67f)

              Returns a pseudorandom integer value with seed x.  (pp 67)

              Returns classification of float x.  (pp 44)

              Returns classification of double x.  (pp 44)

              Returns classification of comp x.  (pp 44)

              Returns classification of extended x.  (pp 44)

              Returns sign of x; zero if positive, 1 if negative. (pp 44)

              Clear or set SANE exceptions. (pp 54ff)

              Check whether SANE exception is currently set. (pp 54ff)

              Clear or set SANE exception halts. (pp 54ff)

              Check whether SANE exception halt is currently set. (pp 54ff)

              Set SANE rounding direction. (pp 52f)

              Get SANE rounding direction. (pp 52f)

              Set SANE rounding precision. (pp 53)

              Get SANE rounding precision. (pp 53)

              Set SANE environment word. (pp 57)

              Get SANE environment word. (pp 57)

              Save SANE environment word, then default it. (pp 57)

              Restore SANE environment word, then signal exceptions. (pp 57)

              Get SANE halt vector. (pp 54)

              Set SANE halt vector. (pp 54)

              Returns relation of x to y.  (pp 49)

       s_nan  Returns NaN of type c.

       s_inf  Returns +INF (Infinity).

       s_pi   Returns pi (3.141592653589793238512808959).


       The fclass functions should return the sign of the passed number in  n-
       bit  and Y. They do not report the sign at all, though, which has to be
       considered a bug.  s_signnum has been rewritten to not rely on  fclassx
       any more.


       This  library  and  the accompanying source code are hereby placed into
       the Public Domain. There is no warranty, express  or  implied,  on  the
       performance of the library or source code. The author is not liable for
       any damage that may occur as a direct or indirect result of  using  the
       library or source code.


       Soenke Behrens <>
       September 1997


       Apple  Computers, Inc, Apple Numerics Manual.  Addison-Wesley, 2nd Edi-
       tion. 1988.  ISBN 0-201-17738-2.

       Apple Comuters, Inc, Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference, Volume 2.   Addison-
       Wesley. 1988.  ISBN 0-201-17747-1.  (Chapter 18.)

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