STRERROR(3)                    Library Routines                    STRERROR(3)


       perror, strerror, sys_errlist, sys_nerr, _errnoText - system error mes-


       #include <stdio.h>

       void perror(const char *string);

       extern const char * const sys_errlist[];
       extern const int sys_nerr;

       #include <string.h>

       char * strerror(int errnum);


       The strerror and perror functions look up the error message string cor-
       responding to an error number.

       The  strerror  function  accepts  an  error  number argument errnum and
       returns a pointer to the corresponding message string.

       The perror function finds the error message corresponding to  the  cur-
       rent  value  of the global variable errno (see intro(2)) and writes it,
       followed by a newline, to the standard error file descriptor.   If  the
       argument  string is non-NULL, it is prepended to the message string and
       separated from it by a colon and space.  If string is  NULL,  only  the
       error message string is printed.

       If  errnum  is  not a recognized error number, the error message string
       will contain unknown error:, followed by the error number in decimal.

       The message strings can be accessed directly using the  external  array
       sys_errlist.   The external value sys_nerr contains a count of the mes-
       sages in sys_errlist.  For backwards compatibility with older  versions
       of  GNO,  sys_errlist  can  also  be  referenced  through  the variable
       _errnoText, which has identical type.  The use of  these  variables  is
       deprecated; strerror should be used instead.


       intro(2), psignal(3)


       The strerror and perror functions first appeared in 4.4BSD.


       For unknown error numbers, the strerror function will return its result
       in a static buffer which may be overwritten by subsequent calls.

       Programs that use the deprecated sys_errlist  variable  often  fail  to
       compile because they declare it inconsistently.

GNO                            22 December 1997                    STRERROR(3)

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