INTRO(5)                         File Formats                         INTRO(5)


       intro - introduction to file formats


       This chapter describes the format of various special files used by GNO.
       Many of these will be text files that can be modified for specific site
       configurations.   Others  will describe file types that cannot be modi-
       fied with impunity.

       Most standard IIgs file types do not  have  manual  pages  written  for
       them.   Instead,  the  base  documents  listed  in the SEE ALSO section
       should be consulted.


       Apple IIgs GS/OS Reference,
       Inside Macintosh:  Files,
       Orca/M Reference Manual,
       Programmer's Reference Manual for System 6.0/6.0.1,
       Apple DTS (Developer Technical Support) Technical Notes and  File  Type

GNO                             2 February 1997                       INTRO(5)

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