MS(7)                            Miscellaneous                           MS(7)


       ms - text formatting macros


       nroff  -ms  [ options ]  file  ...


       This  package of nroff macro definitions provides a formatting facility
       for various styles of articles, theses, and books.   All  external  -ms
       macros are defined below.

       Note that this -ms macro package is a subset of the complete ms package
       since nroff(1) is not quite up to it yet.  Still, it supports  most  of
       what is normally used, including the table of contents macros.

       Some  nroff  requests  may  be unsafe in conjunction with this package.
       However, the first four requests below may be used with impunity  after
       initialization,  and  the  last two may be used even before initializa-

            .bp    begin new page
            .br    break output line
            .sp n  insert n spacing lines
            .ce n  center next n lines

            .ls n  line spacing: n=1 single, n=2 double space
            .na    no alignment of right margin

       Font changes with \f are also allowed; for example,  '\fIword\fR'  will
       italicize word.


       Macro   Initial   Break?   Explanation
       Name    Value     Reset?
       .AB x   -         y      begin abstract; if x=no don't label abstract
       .AE     -         y      end abstract
       .AI     -         y      author's institution, centered
       .AU     -         y      author's name, centered
       .B x    -         n      embolden x; if no x, switch to boldface
       .I x    -         n      italicize x; if no x, switch to italics
       .IP x   -         y,y    indented paragraph, with hanging tag x
       .LP     -         y,y    left (block) paragraph.
       .NH x   -         y,y    numbered header; x=level, x=0 resets
       .PP     -         y,y    paragraph with first line indented
       .QP     -         y,y    quoted paragraph (indented, shorter)
       .R      on        n      return to Roman font
       .RE     -         y,y    end level of relative indentation
       .RS     5n        y,y    right shift: start level of relative indent
       .SH     -         y,y    section header, no numbering
       .TL     -         y      title, centered
       .XP     -         y,y    extended paragraph (biblio entry)
       .XS p   -         y      begin index entry, p = page
       .XA p   -         y      another index entry, p = page
       .XE     -         y      end index entry
       .PX     -         y      print index (ignored)


       There  are  currently  no user controlled registers in this implementa-

       Here is a list of string registers available in -ms; they may  be  used
       anywhere in the text:

            Name  String's Function

            \*(DW weekday
            \*(MO month (month of the year)
            \*(DY day (current date)
            \*Q   quote (" in nroff)
            \*U   unquote (" in nroff)
            \*-   dash (-- in nroff)


       For an example, see the test files (*.ms) included in the distribution.


       Probably zillions, especially considering it is  so  incomplete.   How-
       ever,  it  is  useful  (better  than nothing at all).  I have used this
       package extensively at home to write reports  for  work.   The  results
       were  nearly  100% compatible with Unix (BSD).  No support for displays
       and keeps, tables, boxed text, multicolumn, other  modes  (e.g.  thesis
       mode),  footnotes,  and  beginning/end  page traps.  Indented paragraph
       with tag puts the tag on its own line regardless how long it is.


       Adapted for Atari ST (TOS) and Minix by Bill Rosenkranz

       CIS:    71460,17



GNO                             19 October 1997                          MS(7)

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