CATMAN(8)                    System Administration                   CATMAN(8)


       catman - format cat pages from man pages


       catman [ -pvV ] [[ -Mpath ] | [ -mpath ]] [ section ...  ]


       catman  creates  formatted  versions  of  the on-line manual pages from
       their nroff(1) or aroff(1) source.  Manual pages whose  formatted  ver-
       sions are missing or out of date are regenerated.

       If section is specified, then catman will only created formatted manual
       pages for the specified section(s).

       Manual pages that are nroff(1) source and are  compressed  with  either
       compress(1),  freeze(1),  or  gzip(1) are recognised provided that they
       have the suffixes .Z, .F, and .gz, respectively.   Manual  page  names,
       including suffixes, are case sensitive.

       Preformatted  manual pages will be created in cat?  only if that subdi-
       rectory exists.


       -p     Display the commands that would have been executed, but  do  not
              actually execute them.

       -M path
              Set  path to be the list of paths for which manual pages will be
              updated.  If not set, the value of MANPATH,  USRMAN,  or  MANDIR
              will  be used instead.  Multiple directories may be specified by
              separating them either by colons or by spaces.   In  the  latter
              case, be sure to quote path from the shell.

       -m path
              Append  path on to the list of paths for which manual pages will
              be updated.

       -V     Display version information and exit.

       -v     Verbose.  Show processing information.


       catman will unlink any out-of-date files in the  cat?   subdirectories.
       The files that would be unlinked are listed when catman is invoked with
       the -p option.


       This manual page documents catman version 3.1.


       apropos(1), man(1), whatis(1), gzip(1), compress(1),  freeze(1),  make-

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