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       descu - the describe(1) source updater


       descu [ -hV ] [ -o outfile ] sourcefile patchfile1 [ patchfile2 ...  ]


       This manual page documents descu version 1.0.7.

       descu  updates  the describe source file sourcefile by applying the new
       and updated records from the patchfiles and prints the result to  stan-
       dard output (or to outfile, if the -o flag was specified).

       Patchfiles  are  just one or more describe source entries as defined in
       descc(8).  (They have nothing to do with patch(1).)

       Patchfiles are assumed to contain at most  one  entry  (in  all  listed
       patchfiles)  for  a given program, keyed on the Name: field.  (They may
       otherwise contain any number of entries.) If an entry in  patchfile  is
       already in sourcefile, it replaces the original; otherwise the entry is
       appended.  In  both  cases,  the  output  is  sorted  lexicographically
       (ignoring case), based on the Name: field.

       descu  will  create  the file descu.rej in the current directory.  This
       contains all records that were removed from sourcefile.


       -h     Show usage information.

       -o outfile
              Send output to outfile rather than stdout.

       -V     Show version information.


       Devin Reade <>


       descu was incorporated into the GNO base  distribution  as  of  version


       apropos(1), describe(1), man(1), whatis(1), descc(8).

GNO                              5 April 1999                         DESCU(8)

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