INTRO(8)                     System Administration                    INTRO(8)


       intro - introduction to system administration


       The  commands  described  in  this chapter are intended only for system
       administration tasks.  On traditional Unix systems, use of  these  rou-
       tines are typically restricted to the superuser (root).

       System  administration  commands  are  usually  kept  in  either /sbin,
       /usr/sbin, or /etc.  Because of the lack of user file permissions under
       GNO,  it  is  often possible for non-privaledged users to execute these
       commands.  Therefore, in the interest of system integrity, these direc-
       tories  should not be in the PATH of any user other than the superuser.

       The manual page syntax of this chapter conforms to that of  Chapter  1,
       Commands and Applications.



GNO                             2 February 1997                       INTRO(8)

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