RENRAM5(8)                   System Administration                  RENRAM5(8)


       renram5 - rename /RAM5 at boot time


       renram5 [ -d ] [ oldvolume [ newvolume ]]


       renram5  is  intended to be run automatically at boot time.  It renames
       the volume oldvolume to newvolume, if newvolume does not already exist.
       If  oldvolume  or newvolume aren't specified, they default to /RAM5 and

       If you are running renram5 automatically from  ProSel-16  (and  perhaps
       other launchers) you should change the filetype to S16.  This will keep
       ProSel from prompting after the program is finished.  When run as a S16
       program, no command line arguments are possible.


       -d     Enable debugging information.


       Devin Reade, <>

       This program is in the public domain.

       This  program  contains  material  from  the ORCA/C Run-Time Libraries,
       copyright 1987-1997 by Byte Words, Inc.  Used with permission.

GNO                              3 August 1997                      RENRAM5(8)

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