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Old "News"

The following are old news items. In some cases, minor edits have been made, such as the updating of various URLs.

31 January 2006

Between my young family, work, and other projects I'm afraid that GNO has not been updated in a while. I'd like to return to it, but I don't know when that will be.

Meanwhile, this site isn't going anywhere and the software and source will remain available.

21 February 1999

The Gsh Users' Guide is now available for download or online viewing. It is not yet updated for gsh v2.0. See the Reference Manuals page for details.

15 February 1999

GNO v2.0.6 is (finally) available. This is a full release and the current documentation and scripts assume that you are not installing on top of an existing system. Ensure that you read the chapter on installing v2.0.6 in the Overview and Installation Reference.

Edit: You can obtain the current release via Please see the download page for information on obtaining GNO.

If you find any problems or have any suggestions, please report them.

The current release does not include networking support.


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