GNO Shell Users' Manual

Tim Meekins

Albert Chin

Jawaid Bazyar

Andrew Roughan

Devin Reade

Table of Contents
Getting Started with the GNO Shell
Customizing the Shell Environment
Invoking gsh
Interacting with the GNO Shell
Executing Commands
Commandline Editing
Command Input
Command Editing
History Editing
Command, Filename, and Variable Completion
Other Ways of Entering Commands
Terminal Input
Script File
Using the GNO Shell More Productively
What Does This Command Do?
Option Arguments
Entering Multiple Commands
Using Aliases
Redirecting Input and Output
Background Execution of Commands
Job Control
Working with Pathnames
Pathname Expansion
Quoting Special Characters
How gsh Finds a Command
Builtin Command Reference
Builtin vs External Commands
Builtin Shell Commands
Kernel Commands
Environment Commands
Shell Variables
Using Shell Variables
Scope of Shell Variables
Description of Predefined Shell Variables
Accessing Shell Variables
Prefix Conventions
Gsh Errors
Generic gsh Errors
Command Editing Errors
Syntax Errors
Execution Errors
Builtin Command Errors
Non-Compliant Applications