Command Input

These command-line editor keys deal with entering text directly on the command-line.



The return key is used to terminate line input. gsh then interprets the command on the line and acts accordingly. The position of the cursor on the command-line does not matter.


(no bindkey name)

Causes gsh to exit if it was the first character typed on the command-line. If there are still jobs running in the background or stopped, gsh will display the message "There are stopped jobs". If you press CTRL-D a second time without an intervening command, gsh will terminate all the jobs in the job list and exit.



Moves to the next line and re-displays the current command-line. Use this to redraw the current line if the screen becomes garbled.



Clears the screen, moves the cursor to the top line, and redraws the prompt and any command-line that was in the process of being edited.