Other Ways of Entering Commands

Terminal Input

An example involving the connection of a terminal will be shown in the Section called Redirecting Input and Output in the Chapter called Using the GNO Shell More Productively but it is necessary to mention here that when using gsh over a terminal, some keystrokes must be slightly modified. This is because there are no terminals that can transmit the OA key. Instead, a two-key sequence must be used which replaces OA with ESC. For example, instead of pressing OA-E to toggle insert mode, you can type ESC-E over a terminal to do the same thing.

If you will be using terminals seriously then you should install the Remote Access package.

Script File

While you would normally type commands on the command-line, you can also store a series of often used commands in a file. A file containing such a series of commands is called a script. A script is normally created by using a text editor.

By typing the name of the script file, the shell will execute it, line by line, as if you had typed each command separately. The gshrc file presented in the Section called Customizing the Shell Environment in the Chapter called Getting Started with the GNO Shell is an example of a script file.