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Freeware Status

The following message was distributed by Jawaid Bazyar by email and by USENET news, in the fall of 1997:

As the man behind Procyon Enterpsises Inc., a long-time Apple IIGS developer and one of the last commercial developers for the platform, I regret to announce the end to sales of my first product, the GNO Multitasking Environment (GNO/ME).

With my last distributor, EGO Systems, closing its doors, I cannot justify the time and expense of continuing to produce the software. I also didn't feel it was fair to the customers to continue to charge them for the product, when I would be unable to support them in the manner I would like, due to my intense involvement in my new ISP business.

However, instead of simply stopping sales of GNO and letting the software wander into oblivion, I am placing GNO into ``freeware'' status, and I am also making available all source code to the 2.0.4 version to the public and the development community.

I will still sell printed manuals to anyone who wants one, for $20 or so, but this is just to cover printing and shipping costs. Purchasing a manual will not entitle the buyer to support from me of GNO/ME.

Anyone who paid the normal $89 price to EGO Systems (or to me directly) for GNO will continue to receive support from me, and I will rely partly on the help of the ``GNO-Devel'' list for assistance in this support.

Speaking of that, the GNO-Devel list is headed by Devin Reade, and its members are programmers who have the time and devotion to continuing to develop the GNO system. To their capable hands I leave the software. The first task of this group is to put together a GNO distribution based on the latest ORCA/C and ORCA/C libraries. Devin will post followup info on csa2g and any inquiries should be directed to him at <> for the moment.

Thank you all for your support in the past of my company and myself, and best wishes to you all for the future!


Jawaid Bazyar
President, Procyon Enterprises Inc.
President, Interlink Advertising Services Inc.

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