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Expunging RedHat / Fedora / CentOS Annoyances

This page is a collection of information regarding getting rid of what I consider to be annoyances in the standard RedHat and derivitive (such as CentOS and Fedora) distributions. If you happen to like the specified "features" as RedHat ships them, then more power to you. However don't bother to drop me mail saying, "That isn't an annoyance; it's a great feature!"; such mail will be ignored.

Submissions for additions and corrections to this page are welcome; see the address at the bottom of this page. If I happen to agree with you (this list was created mainly for my benefit and that of a few friends), I'll include it.

Some of the changes shown here require you to either modify your environment or the default environment for all users. If you do not know how to do this, instructions are available.

A Note On Versions

This page started life sometime in the distant past before either CentOS or Fedora existed. (RedHat 4.x, maybe?) For quite a few years, it was generally applicable and I just continued to add to it as I migrated my systems from RedHat to Fedora Core to CentOS. In early 2010 I found myself needing to deploy a Fedora system again while most of my systems stayed on as CentOS. A quick look at Fedora (after I'd been away from it for a few years) told me that it was time to split the information, which is why there are now separate pages for the various distributions.

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Last Updated: 25 Jan 2010