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Getting Rid of the Bell

For tcsh and csh, this is controlled by the shell rc files. In a suitable spot, add in the line

        set nobeep

For bash, this is controlled by the readline routines, and therefore by the files /etc/inputrc (globally) and $HOME/.inputrc (on a user-by-user basis). You want to add the following line:

        set bell-style none

If you're running Konsole in KDE, go into "Settings" --> "Bell" and set it to "None". You will probably want to save your settings for other Konsole instances via "Save as Default". Note that this only affects the current and new Konsole instances; ones that are already running will not be affected.

Note that this doesn't necessarily get rid of the bell in all circumstances, but it's a start (especially with the Konsole change, above). For example, vim will sometimes beep at you, overriding (or ignoring) your default settings. In such cases, you should consult the documentation for the problematic application.

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Last Updated: 22 Jan 2010