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Xyplex 1600 Resources

Is This The Right Hardware For Your Needs?

Are you thinking about purchasing a second-hand Xyplex 1600? Are you thinking about introducing these devices that you've had collecting dust on your shelf into your production environment? Before you do, you should read my observations on the matter.

Can You Help Me?

In general, no. I've tried to collect what Xyplex information that I have on this site, so if it isn't here I probably don't know it. I've also retired almost all of my Xyplexes from service at this point.

I'm sorry, but I don't really have enough hours in the day to volunteer one-on-one assistance. I potentially could be paid to go splunking for a solution, but to be honest if you can't afford a more modern console server, then you can't afford my consulting rate.

Documentation and Other Resources

Note that the Xyplex 1600 cannot handle SSH or other secure protocols, and therefore be placed on a secure administrative network when using it as a console server.

The configuration for your Xyplex terminal server will obviously be very dependent on how you're using it. Sometimes you have to experiment with the configuration to solve things like echo problems, double line feeds, et cetera. With that in mind, here is a sample configuration that assumes that you will be using port 1 for configuring the console itself, and the rest of the ports are being used to access other servers' consoles.

Manufacturer's Documentation Other Documentation
Hardware Installation Guide
Software Kit for UNIX
Basic Configuration
Advanced Configuration Guide
Commands Reference Guide
Accessing Attached Servers Via the Xyplex
Accessing the Xyplex's console (control) port
Resetting the terminal server to factory defaults
Cabling information for specific devices

The Xyplex 1600 came in two configurations; one with 1 MB RAM minimum and one with 3 MB RAM minimum. Some or all models may have memory expansion slots. Good luck finding memory ...

I suspect that at least some of the following files will also work for an MX1500 and maybe other models, but I don't know and the risk is all yours. Enjoy.

Common Files
Original flash upgrade instructions
TFTP crash dump file, version 1.0
TFTP parameter file, version 1.0
Diskette/memory card parameter file, version 1.0
Memory card loader file
Files for 1MB (min) Xyplex
OS, version 6.0s92
OS, version 6.0
OS, unspecified earlier version
Files for 3MB (min) Xyplex
Release notes for 6.3 and 6.1.1
OS, version 6.0.2s43
OS, version 6.0.2

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Last Updated: 13 Mar 2006