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Terminal Server Console Access

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This section describes how to get console access to the terminal server, itself. It is not for getting console access to attached servers, which is described here.

The console port (typically port #1) of the terminal server should be hooked up to your terminal or terminal emulator. On your terminal (or in your terminal emulator), you should see a connection message. You may have to type <CR> a few times before you see the prompt:

    Enter username>

(The term server will be autobauding the port during this time.) Type your login id and press return. (On a freshly reset server, you can use an arbitrary string for your login id.) Then type the following sequence:

	Xyplex> set priv
	Password> [privalege password]

When the terminal server has been set to the factory defaults, the default password for setting the privaleged mode is system

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Last Updated: 13 Mar 2006