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Is the Xyplex 1600 Right For You?

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This may seem like a strange comment from the person who maintains this web site, but are you sure you really want to use the Xyplex 1600? If you're using it to control a modem pool, it may be perfectly suitable (I don't know; I've never used them in such a mode.)

If, however, you're using it as a console server, then I'd suggest that most organizations would be further ahead to purchase a more modern piece of equipment. Some of the reasons for this are:

If you're a hobbiest or your organization's financial circumstances are such that purchasing newer equipment is not an option, then you can of course still use a Xyplex, but be aware of the pitfalls.

There are now many vendors of console server and terminal server products. Out of respect for MRV Communications, who provided much information on the Xyplex 1600 when they bought that product line, I mention them as one such vendor. However you can find many other such vendors by doing a search for "console server" in your favorite search engine.

If you need to control x86-based machines that don't have serial consoles, then check out the PC Weasel 2000 as related hardware. Many x86 rack mount hardware vendors are now also providing similar cards as options.

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Last Updated: 13 Mar 2006