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GNO Apple II Archive

Welcome to the home of the GNO Apple II Archive, formerly known as the Trenco Archive. This is a publicly available repository of software for the Apple II (which is not a Mac). The archive web interface has recently been redesigned, primarily for the benefit of editorial staff, so that we can drastically reduce the turn-around time for publishing uploaded material.

Archive Status (06 December 2006)
The updated archive is now online. All of the old content has been migrated over to the new archive, and we're working on adding new content.
We have a large backlog of submissions and editorial staff vette them on an "as available" basis, so please have patience. If there is a submission that you believe that you absolutely must get published, please use the feedback form to identify it for us, preferably with the file number shown when you submitted the file.
The archive web interface is still a work in progress. For non-editorial users it currently doesn't provide much more than a submission and browsing interface (and browsing is slower than the FTP interface), however a list of upcoming changes is available.

The link to the archive web interface is at the bottom of this page, but please read the following information before accessing the archive.


Downloads are available anonymously via the FTP interface at

The web (but not FTP) interface currently requires an account in order to download files. If all you want to do is download, please use FTP for now. Anonymous web downloads will be enabled later after other, more critical, features are finished.

Uploads (Submissions)

In order to perform uploads or submissions, you are required to have an account on the system, including providing us with a valid email address. Registration is free, and your email address will only be used for purposes related to this archive. Specifically, your address will not be shared, given, or sold to any third party. Furthermore, your address will only be known to editorial staff, not the public in general.

When you upload files, you will be required to provide at least a brief description. The upload interface will also permit you to provide additional information such as extended descriptions, suggestions as to the categories appropriate to the file, licensing, et cetera.

If you want to upload large numbers of files, you may contact the archive maintainer via the feedback link to arrange an alternate upload mechanism.


If you want to mirror this archive either offially (for others to access) or unofficially (just for yourself), please contact Devin Reade, including the word a2archive in your subject line to arrange details. Doing so will likely reduce impact on both your bandwidth and mine.

I am currently soliciting sites that are willing to become official mirrors. If you are so interested, please contact me.

Web Interface Requirements

In order to use the web interface, your browser must support:

  1. SSL
  2. Self-signed certificates
  3. Cookies
I don't recommend using a text-based browser. I realize that this is an unfortunate situation given the archive content, but it was more important to get the content available again than it was to provide a universably usable submission interface.

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