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The GNO Multitasking Environment

GNO is a UNIX-like environment for the Apple IIgs, which runs on top of the native operating system, GS/OS.

Getting GNO

GNO is available as a set of installation files or as source as described on the download page. If you are new to GNO, it is strongly recommended that you install from the images.

Getting Help

The GNO documentation is available on this site as Reference Manuals, Manual Pages, and the FAQ.

The gno-devel mailing list is available for discussions around developing software to run under GNO and development of GNO itself.

There is also a list of related web pages (off-site).


14 September 2012

Various web documentation pages have been updated, including some URL changes.

03 September 2012

GNO sources are now available via GitHub. See the Download page for details. Also, the gno-commits mailing list has been set up for anyone who wants to get commit notifications.

25 August 2012

The broken links to the reference manuals have been fixed.

Old "News"

Older entries may be found here.


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