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GNO Reference Manuals

These documents are based on Procyon's August 1996 v2.0.4 documents, but have been updated and enhanced. Please also examine the FAQ and the man pages.

Overview and Installation

This document contains introductory information (including how to obtain GNO), installation instructions, a list of hardware requirements, suggested readings, and similar material. It is a good starting point for those new to GNO.

Formats: HTML, PostScript (Letter, A4), and PDF (Letter, A4).

GNO Shell User's Manual

This is the reference manual for the GNO Shell, otherwise known as gsh. This document is laid out more as a tutorial than a traditional reference manual.

Formats: HTML and PDF (Letter).

Kernel Reference Manual

This is a technical introduction and reference to the GNO Kernel, which is the heart of the GNO system. Some portions may be heavy reading for the new user, but is a must for the application programmer.

Formats: HTML, PostScript (Letter, A4), and PDF (Letter, A4).

Version 2.0.4 Manuals

For the historically inclined, an HTML version of the version 2.0.4 manuals is also available from August 1996:


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